Apparmor not loaded on Rock Pi 4 Debian Image

I installed Debian on Rock Pi 4 B. For my project I need AppArmor to be built into the kernel. Is Apparmor already build in radxa image?

When I tried:
$ aa-status

I got apparmor not present.

Perhaps you should try and build your own?

Many thanks for your quick feedback.

I must use only Debian 11. And I am not expert on kernel building. I would like to be sure that Apparmot is not built with rock pi Debian Image before starting my building journey:)

Any why is that a problem? If Debian you use was not downloaded from you already have a problem …

That’s why this tool exist - to make this simple. Just check / follow documentation. Everyone has different needs so its hard to make one fit all thing image

Thanks a lot @igorp for the direction.

The project is very interesting, I found a built armbian image based on Debian that worked perfectly for me. No need to build new one :slight_smile: