Anybody knows where to buy a M.2 E key to PCI-express socket?

Hi All,

I’ve bought a sata card and a M.2 M-Key to PCI-express adapter:

On page 3 of the ROCK3 schematic I see the following:

The M.2 M-Key slot on the ROCK3A provides 2 lanes of PCI Express 3.0.
The M.2 E key slot on the ROCK3A provides 1 lane of PCI Express 2.0.

It turns out the SATA card only used one lane of PCI Express 2.0, so this would fit perfectly with the M.2 E key slot on the ROCK3A

Does anybody know a shop that sells the needed M.2 E-key to PCI Express X1 slot?


Maybe M.2 E key to the device you want to connect? like this one:

I found these:


I’ve tested this one [1], it actually works with the debian image [2].

[2] Howto enable PCI-E on the Rockpi3A M2. E_key?