Any interest in Rock5b Cases?

So, I’ve been looking for a while for a case for my rock5b, and at least here for the german/european market china seems to be the only alternative. That’s why I started doing my own thing here, 3D Printing cases for the 5B. It does work surprisingly well, I got a base model for a case off the internet, modified it to accomodate for my needs, and finally got an enclosed rock 5B. Now since I am pretty sure I am not the only one with a naked board, I figured to inquire whether there’s others with that need. I can print and ship these throughout germany and probably most of the EU area, and was thinking about 10ish bucks to cover electricity and filament.


I might be :slightly_smiling_face: Could you share a few pictures? I’d like to see how the case looks

I have narrowed it down to two options for now. Please note that neither on the pictures have had any post processing done, and the assembled one for option (a) warped a little during print. It still fits nicely and I’d say the rounded corners(due to warping) are looking good.

Okay, option (a):

And option b. I like this better because it has holes to let the air flow and it has an easy access hatch on the bottom to get a hold of nvme is also a bit more sturdy but has a 14 hour print time and uses a lot more filament. Both of these are small enough to also be printed in resin, I am currently testing that. I generally prefer option b, which is a modified model from prusas printable website:

Both of these are printed in pla at 215 Celsius. The first one had thicker shells and adaptive layer height turned on and was printed on an upgraded ender 3 pro at 90mm/s. There’s a few design choices I need to change before I consider it fit for everyday use. The second was printed on the same printer at 215c, pla needed only about a square centimeter for support(SSD hatch latches into the case, those latches need support). I let speed for that one at 90mm/s but ran into minor stringing, but I guess that’s because the filament is rather old and has been stored in the open(I use those preferredly for testing prints). It took around 14 hours to print but was quite unproblematic. Both are screw less snap fits, the SSD hatch should ideally get a screw put in, but holds well enough.