Any good Docker image for Chrome?


I want to set a Docker up that runs Chrome.
I have been looking for pre-built images, but so far I have only found this:

I have 2 issues with that. Only runs on AMD64, not on ARM64 and the version is old.
I am seeking help to build my own image with the latest Chrome and accessible over http/https.

Try this:

At the end of the article you will find a link and instructions for a Docker container for Chromium and a fix for the HDMI audio error.

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We also have a shell script to automate the building/running process of the Docker Container. Many Thanks @Monka from the twisteros team for this great job.
This has been tested it on TwisterOS Armbian Beta3 on RockPi4B, RockPi4C and RockPro64 only. We cannot guarantee is going to work on any other OS distro or another RK3399 board.
Feel free to try it.
Execute on CLI mode(Linux command line interface):

  • sudo chmod a+x
  • sudo

Download it from here:

More Information: