Any Case Reccomendations for a Rock 3C?

I’ve just ordered a Rock 3C from Arace for a portable wifi plex media server project. As well as the heatsink/fan kit from Allnetchina.
I need a case as I no longer have access to a 3D printer at work.
Presumably RPI 3 cases don’t fit.
I really like the look of the ROCK 5B Metal Case, any chance it would work with 3d printed side panels to suit the Rock 3C?

Also does anyone know if there might be a compatible battery/power Hat anywhere?
Would be neater to use an 18650 battery hat than a USB power pack.


I bought the cheapest rpi 3 case I could get and it fitted fine, even the usb c instead of micro usb power supply made no difference.

It was one of those 2 part see through plastic ones.

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Thanks Paul; any chance you could share a link to the make/model/retailer? Would be great to find one with a heatsink that contacts the SOC.

This is the one here from Amazon, I had money from a voucher to use up, normally I’d cheap it out but buying from AliExpress.

Hideere’s a few pics of the item inside, iv not really played with it yet.
Iv burnt the image and did a 2 min test drive.

I had no WiFi? I was under the impression that it had built in WiFi?