Announcing the ROCK 5C: Power, Performance, and Versatility for Just $30

Thank you!
As far as I understood the CM5 will be more expensive than NX5 variant, thua may I ask please if the NX5 will be available with RK3582 ?

RK3399 has 4x pcie 2.1 compared to just one line,
all radxa boards have standard m.2 slot, and here there is one that needs additional hat,
also this pcie line is 2.x, pi5 has option to get two times faster pcie 3, which still is two times slower than 4x pcie 2.1 on RK3399.
Of course those two are just newer with much faster CPU and NPU and of course there will be some use cases where You’ll need best SoC with lowest price, or just something very similar to pi5. I think that I’ll stick to 5A :slight_smile:

BTW: no usb-PD? 5V only?

I absolutely love the hardware you make, guys… But…
How about getting the software situation handled for your current products first?

Joshua Riek’s Ubuntu is a much more usable OS for your boards than your own images…
Even Orange Pi has GNOME desktop with GPU hardware acceleration…


5C is cost budget limited, so no PD, just 5V.

Sure, NX5 will offer RK3582 version. CM5 will not be more expensive than NX5, they are similar price with the same ram/emmc configuration.

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We are in touch with Joshua Riek and we support him. The difference between official image and the third party image is that, we must make sure everything works. Joshua’s image is good for desktop, and we test the image, there is still some issues. Maybe we can release image based on Joshua’s work and contribute back.


How much power will be needed? 3A? 5A?
Is that FPC connector so much cheaper than m.2?

That would really be fantastic.
Good OS images and up-to-date software are all that’s needed for your boards to be almost perfect :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, and also placing an M.2. key M 2230 slot in place of the ribbon connector for PCI-E.
That wold be perfect.

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I would love to move everything to Launchpad and follow the official Ubuntu build system like the Raspberry Pi 4/5. However, Canonical provides little documentation, which makes research and development very slow. One major problem is that Ubuntu is becoming bloated with software and snaps. Both of these combined can make the desktop Operating System image over 2GB in size, running into GitHub’s artifact limit.

I do not have much time right now to spend on research, but If I make any progress using the official Ubuntu build system I’ll document the entire process and ensure it’s public, it will be a good development resource.


can’t wait to upgrade my 5A. What is the difference between RK3588S from 5A and RK3588S2 from 5C?
The soldered Wifi is also very nice!

Reposting the S vs S2 comparisons here. No performance upgrade.

ROCK 5C requires 3A if not using NVMe HAT. The FPC connector and M.2 connector costs almost the same, but the Pi PCIe HAT ecosystem is good, that’s why we want to use it.

@dominik I believe you will want 5B+ instead of 5C. 5C / 5C Lite is mostly for project users. For home/desktop usage, we have 5B+ and 5 ITX. If you think those cost are high, we will consider introduce 5D, 5C in 5B form factor with similar price range as 5C.


Oh my God. You’re just spitting that hardware left and right. Haha.
I love those ideas though.

By the way - will there be board refreshes with memory upgrades to LPDDR5 at some point?
Or is maybe LPDDR5 not worth the additional cost and availability problems?

How will the case or adapter be for rock pi 5c?

Currently 5B+ and 5 ITX upgrades LPDDR5, the benefit of LPDDR5 is faster freq and larger capacity, 32GB supply is not an issue. LPDDR4x 32GB supply is not plenty.

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For the case, we are designing something like this:

The ports side can be changed to support other models.


What do you call the “5B+”? Is it just the 32GB version of 5B?

5B+ is the upgrade version of 5B, improved some feedbacks from the community:

  1. LPDDR4x -> LPDDR5
  2. WiFI 6 on board
  3. M.2 E Key -> M.2 B Key for 4G modules
  4. 2x M.2 M Key for the dual SSD or one SSD and one other M.2 device
  5. HDMI input changes to type A port, the bigger one
  6. Dual type C, one for power input and one for full function USB C
  7. More competitive price…

Sounds purfct, Can You share some dates when we can expect announcement and how pcie lanes would be split (2x2 for m-keys + 1x1 for e-key?)?

Will the first port be electrically connected as 4x and either through overlay or some other detection be able to switch to 2x 2x?