Android12.1 for ROCK 5B release now

You can download Android12.1(based on Rockchip rkr8 SDK) image now from:

This is a preview version.
Most of components except headphone work OK.
Once source code push complete, we’ll upload formal image to github.


is a lot more complete as rkr5 :slight_smile:

only missng the rk356x folder and the 4.19 kernel to build it for the rock3

Build a box version :slight_smile: for my quartz board :wink:

magisk is added

Rock 3B

Rock 5B

for making google account install redfin prop through magisk as module after creating account module can be removed
, or use aurora

Can somebody test and emulators?

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@anon39001862 Hi. Does it support Vulkan 1.2 or 1.3?
And how can I unpack this img file? I tried to use, but it says Unsupported ChipID.

the images are in gpt format so you can flash them just with a dd or etcher etc

Why would you want such an old kernels version.
Android 12 is based on 5.4 and we are about to enter the 6.0 series. Back porting all the Arm and Rockchip changes is quote time consuming. Android 12.1 is running a newer kernel.

who said i want a old kernel version ?

rk3566 is 4.19 downstream and works for me

and 5.10 works etc

and go ahead with mainline i wont stop you

hello, can you share how to download android12 sdk source code for 5B?

Dears I got myself an Intel 7265 WF/BT card as listed/recommended under This works well under Linux by placing Intel’s firmware blob from under /lib/firmware and reloading iwlwifi kernel module. I noticed wifi is not working for me using any of the Android builds for this board. Can anybody point me in the right direction the best way to go about this? Can I avoid manually building Android, instead, placing above mentioned firmware from Intel (which is for Linux) under something like \system\etc\firmware\wifi or persist location? Presumably having root access (haven’t tried) or adb?

Your google link are down