Android Updates

Hello All

I am new to the scene and need some help to understand updating in general using Android by Radxa.

General and Security Updates
Are general and security updates provided OTA (over the air)? I would imagine just like my phone Android updates are provided OTA from time to time.

Version Updates
Is there away to allow OTA updates to newer versions of Android as it becomes available? Lets day I am using Android 7 and 9 is released. Can I set it so it asks if I would like to upgrade to the latest version?

Any help to understand the updating process better would be helpful. I am looking to build a number of devices in remote locations with only touchscreen as an input to users in my community centre.

You will need a backend server to manage the ota upgrade package, And need an apk, regular query upgrade.

Hello Lilli

That is good feedback.

As I am very new to this please can you send me in the right direction which apk to use / develop?

You mentioned upgrade packages. Does radxa provide updated? I would like to understand the source of the system updates in order to map out the update management process.