Android TV Box IR Control

I have install Android TV Box on Rock Pi 4B+ emmc drive. Works great. I am using a Favormate MX3 airmouse for a remote control and that works great also. My question is is there a way to control IR devices (TV etc.) with an IR transmitter connected to the Android TV Box transparently. That is I wish to use the volume buttons on the air mouse (not the buttons that will transmit IR - yellow, blue, green, and red) to control the TV volume (what I am actually controlling is the volume output of a miniDSP audio dsp crossover at the analog output to get full dynamic range). All the Android TV apps that I have found are only for a cell phone with a built in IR transmitter not for an Android TV Box and would not remap the remote control buttons. Also what IR transmitter hardware would work with the Android TV Box installed on the Rock Pi $B+? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Note that I know how to do this on Linux but Linux does not have the apps I want for my HTPC.

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