Android perfomance mode

Is there any to have some performance mode, in android config. I have some apps which doesn’t use full performance (800, 1200 Mhz) and cause sound delay. I compare some console emulators, moonlight (gforce game stream) and shadow PC (cloud gaming platform). And moonlight which force 1400Mhz have much better sound sync. I saw that by rooting android we can change min / max proce frequency, is there simpler way.
Apart from that, I’am a quite amazed on how this SPC perform on android, I was almost making gamecube emulator (dolphin) working.


Have you tried or
to try to change the CPU frequency?
Must be rooted with Magisk for most of these apps to work.

thanks @mo123,
Not yet, I thought a non root solution existed, I’m using your distro by the way (which is awesome), I saw somewhere you made a quick tuto on how to root it. I’ll try this solution.

I root it and use the kernel tweakwer app, is that normal that all CPUs are capped to 1400 Mhz ?

There are 4 little cores running at 1.4Ghz and the 2 Big cores running at 1.6/1.8Ghz.
So maybe these apps only detect the little cores and not the 2 big ones?
Then perhaps other apps might work better.

I found some CPUs monitoring apps, and it seems the 2 1,8 Cpus a used for background tasks, maybe there is way to define how cpus are prioritized. kernel tools dosn’t detect 2 fast CPUs.

I found some app better handling CPU settings, it doesn’t really resolved my sound delay issue, it’s more because of the apps (Shadow PC). Thanks for your help @mo123.