Android in NVME disk

Is it possible to write Android 11 or 12 on an NVME disk without use MicroSD or eMMC? and how?

We are working on this. Stay tuned.

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I can install Android 12 on my NVME Rock 5B using this guide.


Change a USB port or USB cable. Make sure you are in maskrom mode.

which PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSD (controller etc.) is known to work? at least my old one (based on RTS5760) does not, which failed in link training stage. Using the method other tried, I also get the same issue with the loader step, but I am not sure if it is related to this “unsupported NVMe” issue or not, hence why I want to know what controllers Radxa had tested as working? thinking about buying a new SSD for Rock 5 now, sigh…

To recognize the device, you’ll need to install the drivers from the rockchip driver assistant linked on that page.

You guys should get the RK Driver Assistant and Driver Install added to the Android Install steps, I really had to dig to figure out what was missing.

Any progress on starting latest build android 12 from nvme? Nothing can be found on wiki. Only image from 4th of November.