Android 9 release issues - android9-20190703_1128_0ec16e5


first, the image is working great but i have some comments/questions about this release.

  1. Where is the Power App to shutdown/restart the device?
  2. How can i use the rkupdate File? The linux update tool from rktools did’nt find the device.
  3. Is it possible to update from an SD-Card without a usb connection?

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The “” file contains a “.gpt.img” file, which you can simply “dd” to an sdcard or mmc module.

If i put the rkupdate img file on a sdcard there is not even a filesystem or any response from the device, the card is just ignored.

Hi, Don’t try it until we officially release it

About rkupdate file
You need to hold down the maskrom button to enter maskrom mode。


i use the Rock Pi 4 Model B with an EMMC memory and the big heatsink. To enter the maskrom-mode i have to remove all boot devices because there is no button!? Removing the emmc with the heatsink to update the software is very difficult and not an option.

About the new release from today, i think the screen resolution is wrong, it’s only half of what i expect. I also see the power app and it is working. What is the “loader” mode?


Right, because you need to use the GPT file for that method of installation.

Boot is set to prioritize sdcard over emmc. Put debian on your sdcard, as well as the gpt file (as the “.gpt.img” file in the filesystem), then boot debian, and dd the file to the emmc.

Thanks, it works great.

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i’m able to create the 20 android partitions from the GPT image. Which one is needed to update the system and not removing all the user applications and settings?


User applications are stored in the userdata partition.

You can find the partition layout in the readme for building from source;

From there, you can see that the userdata partition is the LAST partition on the device, this is done so that the partition size does not have to be set prior to writing the image – that is why the size is specified as 0.000000 MB. On first boot, the partition is expanded to all available space and formatted.