Android 9: More resolution options

Hi, we’re using an 1280x800 resolution screen, and when using full hd, hd or any resolution, we’ve found that the screen display is distorted. For example, if we download an squared image, we can see it as a rectangle. I supose that there’is a resizing in X or Y, taking from 720 to 800 pixels (we’re using a portrait rotation).

If I set wm size though adb to 1280x800 we get black borders, and It’s still distortion, because with this blackborders 1280 resolutions is being resized to lower horizontal (vertical in portrait) resolution.

Have anyone used any screen with different resolutions to HD or Full-HD?

Thanks very much

Hi. I also faced the same challenge.

In fact, the resolution you need is present in the kernel, but disabled for visualization. You need to delete the file /system/usr/share/resolution_white.xml (for this you need to activate root and open the system partition for writing - there is a tuner settings - system menu). After choosing a screen resolution, reboot the device. You can also change the screen dpi if you, like me, didn’t like that the controls became large and the menu bar moved to the right using the wm density command (I installed wm density 213 using adb shell)

Hi, thanks very much. I’ve checked the resolution, and I’ve setted 150 dpi, because it seems it’s good.

Kind regards