Android 9 images for rock pi 4c

When is the Android 9 image for rock pi 4c due to be available?
I bought it last week.

Also, how do you build it for 4C?
I’m thinking of building it ourselves.

Has Android 10 been released?

Yes, but it’s still early builds.
If you want more stability and features, use Android 9 instead for now.
But for RockPi 4C, not sure if there are Android 9 images.

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Android 10 is pretty stable now.

Hey @jack and @hipboi and @Lili : don’t forget about the rock960’s… Android 10 would be very welcome.


Is it difficult to mirror with Dual Display on Android 9?

I think mirroring is simple. We can have a try to build one. Actually the 4B image can direct boot on 4C.

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Thanks for the very good information.
If you can, it would be helpful if you could also describe how to build that on the wiki.