Android 9.0 - any apps not startet

some apps do not start
Android Version : 20190515_1956
I have the following apps directly from the Play Store
Installed :
X-Plore ---- does not start
ARD — for testing — starts
MyRadio - for testing - starts
VLC — does not start
Network Browser - does not start

If I want to install new APKs, that does not work, as with the apss that do not start disappearing immediately the picture.
I have to admit the unknown origin.
Even turning off apps review does not bring any change.
It is not possible to install an app installer.

Do you have an idea ?
What did I overlook? that went in the previous version !!


Try clearing the cache of the apps not starting.
You can then also change the UIMode in the app’s setting from television to normal perhaps and test again.

thanks for the fast answer.
i have one Problem found :
a) Test VLC - does not start
* Einstellungen->Apps->SpecialAppZugriff->über anderen Apps einblenden (aktiviert)
* VLC startet
b) Test IP Cam Viewer Lite - the same a)
c) Test X-Plore - the same a)
d) Test Kodi 18.2 from PlayStore - does not start
clear Data and Cache Files ever…
* Einstellungen->Apps->Kodi->UI Mode ->
- Televison (does not start)
- Normal ( does not start)
- Desk ( does not start)
- Car ( does not start)
- Aplliance ( does not start)
- Watch ( does not start)
- VR ( does not start)
by all tests i can used the button - Beenden erzwingen


egal welche apk ich versuche zu installieren
sieht das so aus als würde das vom System unterdrückt…???

No matter which apk I try to install
does that look like it’s being suppressed by the system ???

How do you install the apps?
In a file manager installing an .apk, it will show 2 package managers to open it with, choose the bottom one. Some user also had this problem and he installed apps incorrectly. Also if you are using a 4K tv, try to test on a 1080p tv too.

I downloaded an apk,
then I go to X-Plore and click the apk,
then the screen flashes briefly and you see for the
In a fraction of a second, the file is unpacked, then the picture is gone and it does not move on.
If I take the integrated FileExplorer is the same only that
you do not see any background at all.
My monitor is not a 4K device.
Connection to HDMI 1 …
Works perfectly with the Android 7.1.
I have no idea anymore …


Some of those issues of applications not starting, seems to have something to do with the opengl driver failing in some manner.

I don’t have the exact details with me at the moment, but it had something to do with the extension EGL_KHR_partial_update. I was able to disable this extension by adding the system property “debug.hwui.use_partial_updates=false”, this at least stopped xbmc from immediately bailing out, but unfortunately, leaves it at a black screen. I did not have a chance to dig any further into it.

Can someone provide a logcat after Kodi crashes?
Also try getprop | grep mali and post all the logs then Rockchip can look into the EGL crash issue.

They don’t actually need a log to be given to them, because its trivial to reproduce.
Nevertheless, the logs are here;

Thanks for the log.
But could you also provide a full logcat and (getprop | grep mali).
The mali part is very important.

Like I said, its trivial to reproduce. If you want it, YOU can do it yourself.


First of all, thank you all for your efforts …
I am now back to the infinite attempts
Version 7 converted, everything runs smoothly here
Kodi 18.2 and 18.3.
I will be in parallel with the next 9 versions
and share my results here.

Thanks rocky4.
I traced the problem with kodi on Android 9 to doing something unexpected when it detected the package name “org.xbmc.kodi”. Initially, I solved it by rebuilding kodi with a new package name. Another member on this forum got in touch with rockchip and obtained repaired EGL binaries, which are also working.

Hello everyone,

after I was able to sacrifice some time again, here’s a short one
Report on the current status …
My project: “Mediacenter with SmartHome solutions”

After I failed with the Android 9 version, I continued to use the version 7.1.2 / 5.04.2017 / Kernel 4.4.103 as the basis.

The last state after many tests:

HW-> RockPi 4B V1.3 -> 4GB
-> Remote control: i7 - Rii mini
!! important: a real back button / right mouse button is
Essential for Android and Kodi at the same time
to be able to !!
-> Keyboard: LogiLink ID 0104
there is almost everything
-> Router 1 Fritz Box 7362 SL
-> SAT IP Server Xoro 8100
-> USB hard drive 3.0 - 3TB -> to FritzBox USB
-> Satellite dish with Quadro LNB
-> Schneider IP Gateway for KNX

OS-> Android 7.1.2
Kodi -> 18.3 - Leia

  • The current version runs without crashes
    ! Since the store unfortunately only a limited selection of addons / APKs for Android is available, I have the most
    Tools found and found on “APK Pure”.

Since neither Android alone Kodi accomplish all tasks
can, I used the two system together.
And after the integration of the Android apps under Kodi, the
Users now do everything under KODI.
The Android interface is only used to start.
In order to get an operable interface, you really need “Super Favorites” under KODI
do not link possible from Android to Kodi.

The task :

!! Everything has to be Legal, not Dubious Provider !!!
If possible, everything under a user interface …
Everything has to be done with a remote + 1 keyboard + 1 mouse
Be operable.
(I tested 11 remote controls, 3 of which could be the requirements)
SmartTV + Touch functions together
1 system for everything …

  1. GERMAN live TV via Internet
  2. GERMAN live TV via SAT
  3. Music over the Internet
  4. Music via Local Network
  5. Video over local network
  6. IP CAM monitoring - at least 4 cameras
  7. Integrate the professional KNX system for
    House control (Hager, Siemens, Merten, Schneider)
  8. Internet surfing via keyboard and mouse
  9. Remote Desktop Integration
  10. Video over Internet
  11. Series over Internet
  12. Mini Office Files Read possibly edit
    PDF / DOC etc.
  13. Integrate free media libraries
  14. Games if possible
  15. Connection Sonos Speaker System
  16. Basic sound via the HIFI system
  17. Connection FritzSmartHome

The good news … almost everything is up and running
Crashes …
In some areas, there is still a lot of fine work too
do … the infinite story …

I’m interested in anyone else’s liking
Projects works?

Just rebuild it with a different package name and it will work perfectly.

Download those apps from the AndroidHD: