Android 9.0 - any apps not startet

some apps do not start
Android Version : 20190515_1956
I have the following apps directly from the Play Store
Installed :
X-Plore ---- does not start
ARD — for testing — starts
MyRadio - for testing - starts
VLC — does not start
Network Browser - does not start

If I want to install new APKs, that does not work, as with the apss that do not start disappearing immediately the picture.
I have to admit the unknown origin.
Even turning off apps review does not bring any change.
It is not possible to install an app installer.

Do you have an idea ?
What did I overlook? that went in the previous version !!


Try clearing the cache of the apps not starting.
You can then also change the UIMode in the app’s setting from television to normal perhaps and test again.

thanks for the fast answer.
i have one Problem found :
a) Test VLC - does not start
* Einstellungen->Apps->SpecialAppZugriff->über anderen Apps einblenden (aktiviert)
* VLC startet
b) Test IP Cam Viewer Lite - the same a)
c) Test X-Plore - the same a)
d) Test Kodi 18.2 from PlayStore - does not start
clear Data and Cache Files ever…
* Einstellungen->Apps->Kodi->UI Mode ->
- Televison (does not start)
- Normal ( does not start)
- Desk ( does not start)
- Car ( does not start)
- Aplliance ( does not start)
- Watch ( does not start)
- VR ( does not start)
by all tests i can used the button - Beenden erzwingen


egal welche apk ich versuche zu installieren
sieht das so aus als würde das vom System unterdrückt…???

No matter which apk I try to install
does that look like it’s being suppressed by the system ???

How do you install the apps?
In a file manager installing an .apk, it will show 2 package managers to open it with, choose the bottom one. Some user also had this problem and he installed apps incorrectly. Also if you are using a 4K tv, try to test on a 1080p tv too.

I downloaded an apk,
then I go to X-Plore and click the apk,
then the screen flashes briefly and you see for the
In a fraction of a second, the file is unpacked, then the picture is gone and it does not move on.
If I take the integrated FileExplorer is the same only that
you do not see any background at all.
My monitor is not a 4K device.
Connection to HDMI 1 …
Works perfectly with the Android 7.1.
I have no idea anymore …