Android 12 - Can't rotate the display, even with adb

We have a Rock 5B which will be running a specialized app on a small touch screen which will be in portrait orientation. I can’t get the display to rotate to portrait even after setting the auto rotate to off and using

adb shell settings put system user_rotation 1

I’ve tried with 0, 1, 2, and 3, but nothing. Unplugging and plugging back in the HDMI doesn’t fix it, nor does a reboot. I tried the other suggestions in this link but they didn’t work either:

I am using the latest Android image Rock5B-Android12-rkr12-20230315-gpt from here:

OK while writing this up, I decided to test on the previous Rock5B-Android12-rkr12-Tablet-20221129-gpt image, and using the above adb command DOES work. So something is broken in the most recent 20230315 release.

This is a problem because I am currently working on a custom Android image I built by modifying a few parameters in the Radxa Android source code, and I must be using the most up to date code because my custom image has the same rotation issue.

So does anyone know:

A) How I could check out the code for the 20221129 release and make my custom image from that point
B) How I could fix this by fixing/modifying the source code
C) Or how I could fix it some other way?

Sorry for the basic question, but how did you put Android 12 on 5B SBC?

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@Sandor :

See android 12 under official images

@Sandor- good luck. Hopefully you’ll have better experience than I did. Sandisk sd cards wouldn’t work (not the 5 ones I tried) a few android 12 images I found on the official Radxa wiki couldn’t be flashed using Etcher so I finally got one to work . No play store and I had to disable notifications so I didn’t get a device not certified message every 10 seconds geez! Again good luck

Hello,These websites may help you:Rock5/guide/Touch Screen Portable Monitor - Radxa Wiki and Default screen orientation modification