Android 10 image: GPT missing?

Hi, this is my first post as I have just received my RockPi 4c.

I am currently running the Android 9 os for RockPi 4A and B, because I notice the partition table is missing for the Android 10 (rkupdate) image.

Is there any way to add the partition table manually or could this image be updated in order to make it usable to flash using etcher onto a micro SD card?

Thanks so much for your help

It’s on the todo list. Please wait for some time…

I have a TOSHIBA 65UA4B63DG . does this rom work for me?

Only Toshiba firmwares works on Toshiba tv’s.
Only RockPi 4 firmwares work on RockPi 4’s.

I been searching and searching. And there is no such thing i could find . Have any idea where can I find this ? The stock ROM is bit laggy and have buggs

Then you must invest in a better tv next time.
Or invest in a FireTV 4K or Nvidia Shield that gets automatic updates.
I don’t think Toshiba cares a lot about software updates.