Amiga like customized image


for all Amiga/Retro friends, here the obligatory Amiga Edition :slight_smile:


Test under construction!


1.) Install Armibian (Jammy_legacy_xfce )
Installation see

-> Image:


  • Amiga look and feel desktop
  • Amiberry with update script
  • Mali graphics driver
  • Fan control
  • ClassicWB installer …

2.) Install AmiRock

Simply open a terminal in the installed Armibian and execute these lines:

git clone --depth=1

sudo chmod -R 777 AmiRock

cd AmiRock


Reboot and have fun

Greetings Bernd

Case for 3d printing under:


That case is pretty sick too! What’s the story there?

hi, tnx. The storry is… i made it with Fusion 360 and a 3D printer myself :slight_smile:

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Very nice! Did you share the files online somewhere, paid or otherwise?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Okey, I uploaded the stl´s to
Tomorrow it should be online … but, on your one risc: It´s Homebrew :slight_smile:

(24h for thingiverse check)

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Of course! Everything on thingiverse is homebrew. :grin:

Yeah, its online now… 36h later :slight_smile: omg.

BTY - On your own risk…I mean ( Hardwaredamage, ) -> I use a Heatsink
If you build a housing I would be happy about a photo.

Greetings Bernd. :v:

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