AllNet Europe - Stop supplying Radxa Zero v1.5 - (Reason: Wifi keeps on disconnecting on Android)

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I have a problem with the model D4E16H (v1.5).
I have successfully installed your version of Android 9 on the eMMC card.
Everything seems to work properly, but the WiFi connection after a few minutes of use (between 15 and 20 minutes) systematically disconnects and Android does not even try to reconnect.
I have to go into settings every time, turn off the Wifi, turn it back on, and after a few seconds the system recognizes the WiFi network and reconnects.
Unfortunately, this problem makes it impossible to use Radxa Zero as a streaming system.
Do you have any advice for me?
Thank you


@RadxaYuntian After spending 3 weeks with a headache figuring out what doesn’t work, I realized that I am one of the ““lucky”” owner of Radxa Zero v1.5 with the AW-CM256SM wireless module.
Wi-Fi with Android simply does not work. When this hooks up (rarely) to the WiFi network, it disconnects after a few minutes of use.
As you can imagine, Youtube, Spotify, streaming services–all useless.
Could you please provide an Android image that works with this wifi module?
Btw, I’m not asking for a fancy up-to-date version of Android, the version 9 you provided would be just fine–if only it worked with the AW-CM256SM wireless module!

Aside from the problem with Android, which we hope will be fixed soon, I congratulate you on this fantastic piece of Hardware!

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Just for information, the discussion goes on in this post
My Zero Wifi is not working …

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To all AllnetEurope customers, we inform that from next week we will stop the import of Radxa Zero device with hardware revision > v1.5 with WiFi module “AW-CM256SM”
A recall campaign for the said model and a concomitant stop in sales will follow shortly.

The decision was made after:

  • many customers complained that WiFi in Android (version provided by Radxa) simply does not work (sudden and unexplained disconnections)
  • the problem was reported to Radxa, as reported on the forum, confirmed by Radxa itself but no feedback has been provided for at least 20 days

Importing and marketing will resume if we ascertain that the reported problems are resolved

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A tous les clients d’AllnetEurope, nous vous informons qu’à partir de la semaine prochaine nous arrêterons d’importer le dispositif Radxa Zero avec une révision matérielle > v1.5 avec le module WiFi “AW-CM256SM”.
Une campagne de rappel pour le modèle susmentionné et un arrêt concomitant des ventes suivront prochainement.

La décision a été prise après

  • de nombreux clients se sont plaints que le WiFi dans Android (version fournie par Radxa) ne fonctionne tout simplement pas (dĂ©connexions soudaines et inexplicables)
  • le problème a Ă©tĂ© signalĂ© Ă  Radxa, comme indiquĂ© sur le forum, confirmĂ© par Radxa lui-mĂŞme, mais aucun retour d’information n’a Ă©tĂ© fourni depuis au moins 20 jours.

L’importation et la commercialisation reprendront si nous nous assurons que les problèmes signalés sont résolus.

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An alle AllnetEurope Kunden, wir informieren Sie, dass wir ab nächster Woche den Import der Radxa Zero Geräte mit Hardware Revision > v1.5 mit dem WiFi Modul “AW-CM256SM” einstellen werden.
Eine RĂĽckrufaktion fĂĽr das genannte Modell und ein damit einhergehender Verkaufsstopp werden in KĂĽrze folgen.

Die Entscheidung wurde getroffen, nachdem

  • viele Kunden beschwerten sich, dass das WiFi in Android (Version von Radxa) einfach nicht funktioniert (plötzliche und unerklärliche VerbindungsabbrĂĽche)
  • das Problem wurde Radxa gemeldet, wie im Forum berichtet, von Radxa selbst bestätigt, aber seit mindestens 20 Tagen ist keine RĂĽckmeldung erfolgt

Der Import und die Vermarktung werden wieder aufgenommen, wenn wir sicherstellen, dass die gemeldeten Probleme behoben werden.

A tutti i clienti di AllnetEurope, informiamo che dalla prossima settimana fermeremo l’importazione del dispositivo Radxa Zero con revisione hardware > v1.5 con il modulo WiFi “AW-CM256SM”
A breve seguirá una campagna di richiamo per il suddetto modello e un contestuale stop alla vendita.

La decisione Ă© stata presa dopo che:

  • molti clienti si sono lamentati del fatto che il WiFi in Android (versione fornita da Radxa) semplicemente non funziona (improvvisa ed inspiegabile disconnessioni)
  • il problema Ă© stato segnalato a Radxa, come riporato sul forum, confermato da Radxa stesso ma da almeno 20 giorni non viene fornito nessun feedback

L’importazione e commercializzazione riprenderá se accerteremo che i problemi segnalati siano risolti

A todos los clientes de AllnetEurope, les informamos que a partir de la próxima semana dejaremos de importar el dispositivo Radxa Zero con revisión de hardware > v1.5 con el módulo WiFi “AW-CM256SM”.
En breve se llevará a cabo una campaña de retirada del mercado del citado modelo y la consiguiente paralización de las ventas.

La decisión se tomó después de

  • muchos clientes se quejaron de que el WiFi en Android (versiĂłn suministrada por Radxa) simplemente no funciona (desconexiones repentinas e inexplicables)
  • el problema fue reportado a Radxa, como se informĂł en el foro, confirmado por la propia Radxa pero no se ha proporcionado ninguna respuesta durante al menos 20 dĂ­as

La importación y la comercialización se reanudarán si nos aseguramos de que se resuelven los problemas notificados

Any chance we could have that in Gaelic also?

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Faodaidh tu cuideachd sarcasm neo-riatanach a sheachnadh.
Ma tha an duilgheadas a’ toirt buaidh ort, bhiodh tu taingeil fios a bhith agad gum bu chòir dhut an toradh seo a sheachnadh.

I looked for this on various websites including youtube and solved it using to launch the settings app by clicking on its icon.