(absence of) customer support

Anyone has managed to get any form of customer support from AllNet China ?

I got two Rock5 from them.
One is working great running OpenHAB and can pass stress testing without problem.
The other on is totally unusable. Booting to u-boot prompt ont the SPI flash works but when you try to boot the linux kernel on the eMMC, it just gets into crash loop, Kernel OOPS until it just freeze

It seems it’s a memory issue.
(Rock5B RMA procedure?)
I tried fixing the memory frequency to the lowest possible setting but it does not change anything.
I tried to contact allnet China and allnet Germany for RMA without success.
Any one else had some success there ?


Hi Paul,
the replacement board is already arranged and will be sent to you on Monday.
You will also receive a mail from one of our colleagues about the return of the faulty one.
Sorry for the delay!

Hi Norbert,

Thank you for your follow up.
Sorry to haver been so public about it but the direct message stayed unanswered.
I am more than happy to return the defective board for you to debug.


AllNet’s support pre and post purchase has been A++ for me.

Quick update.
I received the new board today and it’s looking good.
Quick stress-ng test and it’s holding up were the other board was not even booting completely.

Thanks @NBA for sorting this out.