All issues related to HDMI basically


I find myself unable to change the screen resolution in windows 10, the option is greyed out. I used both the provided image as well as drivers, changed local policies and the usual advice. I can’t rightclick update the display adapter in device manager, it tells me I lack authorization, and I can’t launch the intel HD graphics installer for a similar reason.

So I am stuck with 1080p, even on displays that don’t actually support the resolution.

Also I can’t output audio via HDMI, I tried the bongiovi profile creator suggested elsewhere in this forum but it doesn’t do anything, do I need to pay for a license to get audio over HDMI? Can somebody please write that out in plain letters if I’m not just having a stupid oversight.

Should I try reinstalling windows10 with the cd I used for my desktop computer? Or will I lack drivers/bloat my system unecessarily?


I reinstalled windows10 using my own DVD, I might have skipped digital power station driver I’m not sure anyway it doesn’t show in the audio devices, but HDMI works for audio.

Then I had to use this to fix WIFI

Also I ran a few things in there that seemed relevant, I don’t think it confirmed successful installation but… Anyway I can change resolutions now and intel graphics panel/options also works now.

So I’m guess I’m all good.

Hm, may you try using a bit of Chromium/Chrome for a bit (like 1 hour) and say did you crashes with bsod or not?