All flash NAS built on Rock Pi 4

I have an D-Link NAS. It’s getting old, it makes a lot of noice and uses a lot of power. Now I’m thinking about the best route for replacing it and one nice replacement would be a Rock Pi 4. I already have one (running Armbian, serving as home automation hub, mail server etc) and I think it’s a really nice piece of hardware.

I’m thinking of buying another one, equipping it with a 2 TB M.2 SSD and putting all files from my old NAS there instead. It will certainly be faster, quieter and nicer in many ways, but I’m a bit worried about reliability. In my old NAS I have two WD Red disks, running in RAID 1, just for the sake of safety (ie all data is mirrored). Putting all that data on one single SSD feels a bit dangerous. Any opinions on that? How safe is the data on a SSD? Currently I’m looking at a Crucial P1, which has a decent price.

Just to be clear, I DO have an offsite backup, another NAS in another house that’s pulling some of my data (the most important stuff) once every week, but not my entire movie library. Most of what is not backed up is stuff that can be re-downloaded from internet if things go really pear-shaped though.

Any other things I should consider?