ALERT! /dev/mmcblk0p1 does not exist

Hi there,

I have a rockpi 4b running armbian bionic desktop legacy kernel 4.4y on a 128 GB emmc module, I’d like to use this machine as a server.
I was just tinkering around with Plex, .bashrc and crontab while all of a sudden the keyboard mapping over RDP changed (e.g. > became ;, ~ became @ etc) (indication of the problem?).
I tried to fix this by changing the system keyboard layout and running dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration, this all didnt work.
I decided to reboot the machine to see if that would work. After the reboot I could not connect to either RDP or SSH so I decided to connect the machine to a HDMI monitor. This resulted in the following output:

Can anyone help me understand what I am seeing here and how this could have happened ? Is this even Ubuntu ? Or is this GRUB ? Where in the boot process is this ?

My guess is that the whole EMMC is diconnected but this seems very weird since I did not touch the board in any way. (I have no SD installed)

I’m now thinking of solving this problem by attatching the emmc to a sd reader and backing up the etc,home,opt,root,srv,usr and var folder, reflashing the image and putting the folders back. This is however a very destructive process so I hope something less destructive is possible. I also even don’t know if this is going to work since I have no idea how this problem was caused.

Can anyone help me please ?

Thanx in advance!

Thank you in advance

It looks like the file system is corrupted. Please remove the eMMC and connect it with eMMC reader or eMMC to uSD card adapter on PC and check if the GPT partition and file system is ok. You may need to run fsck for the rootfs.

I ended up just reforatting the system, but ill remember this for the future, thank you!