Additional heatsink design for top of board

Is a heatsink for the top of the Rock Pi 4 in design? I have placed 3 small heatsinks on the WiFi and two other IC’s around it. These IC’s get quite warm and I am concerned about long term thermal degradation to these parts. Also, I have the large heatsink for the bottom. I see two small issues.

  1. The gap from the memory chips to the heatsink is quite large. I was able to measure, and the gap is .037".
  2. There is also no provision for cooling the eMMC module. I have already machined an aluminum piece to take up most of the gap. I plan on using thermal gap pad to address the memory and eMMC chip gaps.
    Hopefully this helps improve the product. I may even decide to design my own top heatsink, but it will take quite some time due to my schedule.
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Do you have the picture of your custom heatsink :slight_smile: ?

Actually the heat source is the CPU mostly, other components do not generate much heat but adding heatsink for them helps spreading out the heat.

I haven’t done any design work on it yet. I may just eyeball it and see what happens. The bottom heatsink is doing very well once I added the thermal gap pad to the memory and I also added a thin sheet of copper tape under the cpu to make the heat transfer better. I also used Artic Silver for the cpu. I am not sure when I will get to the top heatsink. I am unfamiliar with CAD programs for mechanical things.