Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout

Hs anyone created a DTO or otherwise connected a GPS using the GPIOs.

I’m trying to build a GPS disciplined time server that uses the PPS from the Adafruit Ultimate GPS breakout.

I think this breakout is similar to others, or would use the same or similar pinouts.

I was planning to use pins 8, 10 & 12 for TX, RX & PPS respectively, with Vin and Gnd being pins 4 & 6…

I know how to do this on a Pi, but I’m completely lost here…

Should be straight forward from the HW side. Enable the UART, connect the modul by crossing TX/RX. Because the Rock 3A has much more UARTs then a Pi, I would recommend to use another one, not UART2. This is connected to the debug output and even the boot loader might send data to it. Select one of UART0 / UART3 / UART5 / UART7 / UART8 / UART9. Enable it by loading the matching dto.

Then the PI software might run if it doesn’t use to much PI specific code.