Accidentally Installed RockPi 4b Images on 4c

I’m an idiot. I grabbed the wrong image, and installed it and set it up on my NVMe

I have a rockPi 4c, and installed the image for rockpi 4b debian desktop.

Realized this when the USBs wouldn’t work.

Is there any way I can “upgrade” / swap the kernel out to the right version from the command line??

Ive managed to change the boot loader over to the correct “4c”

I can’t write a new image using “dd” to the nvme because the pi won’'t boot off the sd card anymore - it only boots from the nvme

unfortunately I am new to debian/rockpi - thanks for the assistance

Look into wiki for partition table.
Main idea is following
Step 1. Download correct iso image
Step 2. Unpack it until you will see 5 files (trust.img, boot.img, roofs.img, etc)
Step 3. Using wiki (partition section) dd four .img (the first 4 in partition table) to your nvme.
Step 4. If it’s doesn’t help, just dd if=/dev/zero of=(your nvme) bs=1M count=64. This will allow boot from sd

The different image for 4b/4c is only the bootloader difference, which contains the specific board name/dtb name. The device tree for all boards are in the image. So you only need to over write the bootloader. You can install the rockpi4c u-boot package and run the upgrade u-boot in SPI flash script then reboot.

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