About UPS-HAT-C Power HAT

work with UPS-HAT-C https://www.waveshare.net/shop/UPS-HAT-C.htm,
but i can’t use this below code to get the remaining battery power.

  1. sudo apt-get install p7zip
  2. wget http://www.waveshare.net/w/upload/4/40/UPS_HAT_C.7z
  3. 7zr x UPS_HAT_C.7z -r -o./
  4. cd UPS_HAT_C
  5. python3 INA219.py

any help?

sorry for my bad english :frowning:

你好啊,真巧,嘿嘿,这个UPS可以直接给radxa zero用啊?我也想买一个,就怕不兼容哎

Try changing line 194 to: ina219 = INA219(i2c_bus=3, addr=0x43)

可以供电,但是没办法拿到剩余电量 ,:joy:

Thank you very much, I will test it later and report back