About ROCK 3C GPIO control

I would like to control the bit output of any pin of GPIO with a program on rock 3c.
I was able to output it using the “gpioset” command, but I cannot find information such as mraa.
Specifically, I would like to use C# or Java to display a GUI using Debian Bullseye B39, and perform GPIO bit input/output and I2C control, but where should I refer for documentation?
Up until now, I have been creating applications using Raspberry Pi, but this is my first time using ROCK 3c, so please let me know.
thank you.

@Nasca can you help to check

What does a check mean?

to check whether mraa support rock 3c, you can refer to this link https://github.com/eclipse/mraa, it’s already in the suppport devices list.

You can also refer to Radxa docs for mraa.

I’ll take a look.
thank you.

Thank you for the mraa URL.
python example with vscodum installed on debian bullseye
I was able to run it and the LED blinked.
I’ll use this as a reference.
thank you.