8gb ram version

I’ve a dream… ROCK PI with 8 Gb ram :slight_smile: Still a lost dream or may be a true product ?

That’s why I bought a RockPi N10. The extra 4 gigs of ram.

The RK3399 only supports 4GB of RAM maximum. (In fact, it’s a little less, as the physical address space is only 4GB, and peripherals take up a small chunk of it.)

I am afraid you will have to wait for ROCK Pi 5, which is rk3588 based. It should come out this year.

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I was planning to buy the 4c but if it’s coming early 2021, i can wait a little… is it planned early?

That is some good news! Would you know if the Penta HAT Kit will be redesigned to be used with the future ROCK Pi 5?

please consider releasing a SOM version.