7" LCD support on Android 9

Is there a build that supports the 7" DSI display? What changes would I need to make to the source to support it?

I think you refer the Official Raspberry Pi display, right? It’s wip now.

Any ETA on it? I’m building an in-wall control system that’s running linux in a chroot on android, don’t want to put a bunch of effort into getting everything set up on 7 if I’m gonna switch to 9 soon.

I too am interested in 7" LCD support. i use my RockPi 4B as a tablet/Android box which is great when travelling as I can watch movies from a flash drive when no wifi is available, then get to my hotel, plug into TV and connect to my Plex server/Netflix etc.

Wouldn’t it be easier to use a laptop or a REAL tablet?

If you really like to do things the hard way, then try looking for a small LCD with an HDMI interface. There are LOTS of them, check amazon, ebay, or aliexpress.