5" or 7" HDMI Display

Which 5" or 7" HDMI Display that will work with RockPi 4B?

Will waveshare or adafruit 5" HDMI work out of the box?

Waveshare 7" HDMI
Adafruit 5" HDMI

I used this one and it work vwey well

Geekworm Raspberry Pi 3 Modèle B 7 pouce 1024*600 TFT Écran Tactile Capacitif + Acrylique Stander + HDMI câble + USB Câble Kits

We’ve tested Waveshare 7inch and 5inch ones, works of out box.

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Hi @jack
Do I need extra steps or configure to use this waveshare 7inch Touchpanel? (Rock PI 4B)