4SE and Power Delivery

Hello – I have a 4SE that I bought in November 2023. I’ve noticed recently while trying to set it up with LibreElec that despite the wiki indicating that the board is PD compatible for 5v/9v/12v, the board only ever pulls 5V from a PD charger. I’ve tried several different chargers in range from 18-65W, and several different OS including the current official Radxa Debian, Armbian, and LibreElec. I’ve confirmed the voltage with a USB tester. If I supply the board sign dumb 9V or 12V it will run fine, but I’m wondering if I’m that only one seeing this? At 5V the board is prone to losing USB devices, overheating and abruptly shutting down at random.


I don’t know if this is even relevant to this topic, but now you write “USB devices” as if you have several attached? :face_with_monocle: Power-over-USB?
I my case i have see it shutdown when more is attached/not responding…

I have not tested with mine sorry

So first - the “USB devices disconnecting” issue may have been related to LibreElec, which I was using with the board, specifically with regards to a USB wifi adapter, which I was using because the on-board wifi was difficult to get connected despise all the settings / encryption /etc being correct, but the USB wifi would just disappear out of nowhere after 20-30 minutes. But I also observed some wonky things with USB on Pi5, so I can’t say for sure the 4SE is totally to blame, other than that I didn’t have those Wi-Fi issues with Ubuntu/Armbian with the 4SE.

that being said, the issue of the board shutting on off at random didn’t seem to have loyalty to any specific distro. I had seen that when I first got the board but figured the charger I was using wasn’t strong enough (and it seemed like switching adapters made the problem go away, but I wasn’t testing voltage at that time).

Since I made this post, the 4SE has been running 24/7 without issue, but I’m giving it 12VDC of dumb power via a 12V power adapter with a barrel-to-usbc connector (PD trigger also works).

One of the LibreElec-specific issues I had when it was being powered by the chargers (and thus, only getting 5VDC) was that the audio would stutter on any line stream, no matter what I did with settings; that went away when i switched to 12V, although the wifi issue remained (which is why I think the wifi/usb might be specific to LibreElec – I’ve since switched to wired).

But in terms of what I had plugged in when I saw the board shut completely down – not much, actually, even with just keyboard and wireless mouse, the board would still shut down if it was running on 5V and had a moderate task load.

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