4C+ (PLUS) which 2230 SSD?


i want to install a debian clone on my 4C+ - which SSD is a recommended one for the NVME slot?

Piggybacking on this because I would like to know if anyone has tried a WD SN530 with their Rock 4 C+.

IS there nobody who owns the 4C+ and can tell which 2230 SSD is supported?

Every M.2 2230 key M will work. That’s aside the WD SN530 2230 series at least also those few:

And always remember: since RK3399 is only capable of PCIe Gen2 always choose SSDs that are x4 and have not just 2 lanes since the latter will severely bottleneck the physical connection since you’re ending up with Gen2 x2 transfer speeds.

Yeah, i bought the cheapest one SK hynix BC711 128GB - i havent tested it yet because i can’t find a 64bit image with direct boot SSD support. Armbian apparently has some test versions but i can’t find them.