32GB eMMC or greater

Hello together,
i am using the ROCK PI4a with 64 GB eMMC - Modul and I saw, if I flashing it, that I use only 32 GB from that. What about the other 32 GB? It is useful to take eMMC - Module greater than 32 GB?

Best regards from Germany


no, after flashing, on first boot your root partition gets extended for all free space, meaning that after first boot/start your disk will be fully used. You might want to extend boot partition later.

However, cost/overall is probably the best if you buy smallest available eMMC (as that will be only your boot disk) and get for the same price of 128 eMMC card one M2 NVMe with M2 extender board from RADXA. eMMC might reach speeds of 200Mb/s, but M2 does around/above 1000. With that, I clearly advice to get M2 NVMe instead of bigger eMMC. Grüße to Germany :wink:

EDIT: DO NOT BUY FROM REICHELT they deliver wrong devices and refuse to send proper, asking a customer to first deny delivery forcing you to either wait 7 days longer, pay in front for the order you actually wanted or accept whatever they sent you.

@radxa you need another partner, if REICHELT is the only one of 2 (where it seems to be bigger partner of you than inet24), then your (RADXA’s) reputation may suffer on it. At least ask your partners why they harm you.