3 * 1080p Monitors

Hi, I would like to use 3 monitors with the 5A (Ubuntu, Jammy) , 3 24" inch 1920*1080p with HDMI connection. I can use the 2 micro HDMI connectors of the 5A for both screen but what about the last one?. I had struggled in the past with laptops, DisplayLink, Ubuntu and adaptors so i am looking for tips/recommendations/ideas. Thanks

5A doesn’t have a fully featured USB-C so no alt mode I’m afraid.

I suggest you use 5B for this application. It has two HDMI and one DP via USB C.

Hey Thanks for adding proposals.

Where is the DisplayPort via USB-C? Is it about a USB-A to C converte?r. which USB connector from here?

does it mean any USB-C with any DisplayPort Adapter will work or one specific? Do you think about a particular adaptor?
What about DisplayLink with USB-C => HDMI? Why this is specific to 5B? where is it documented?

Thanks, sorry for the number of questions it raised…

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Try this thread: USB Type-C DP Alt mode doesn't work
And here the first post says that the usb-c on 5A is for power, no alt mode is listed: Introduce ROCK 5A - Gift for the year of rabbit

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