[230428] System Release Notice for ROCK 3C

Greetings. Today we are happy to announce the updated system release for ROCK 3C.

This is mostly a maintenance release, aiming to support AW-CM256SW Wireless module out-of-box. We did updated the affected packages in our production channel. However, you need a working internet connection to update the system, which creates a chicken and egg problem. With this release, users no long need to find a wired Ethernet connection to use their Wi-Fi network.

You can find more changes in our ROCK 5A Release Notice, which is also released today.


The following systems have been validated by Radxa for various use cases:

ROCK 3C: Build 33

More build variants can be found at radxa-build.

Kernel version: 4.19.193-4

Known issues

  • When booting with SPI+USB, only the USB 2 ports are supported.
  • When ROCK 3C is paired with macOS devices, 3C cannot enter suspend mode.
  • Ethernet’s MAC address will change when flashing a new system. It will NOT change if the device is rebooted.
  • Raspberry Pi Camera v1.3 and OKdo 5MP camera are currently missing image tuning profile. Raspberry Pi Camera v2 is thus recommended for now as we only have the profile for this camera. Additional profiles will be available in a future package update.
  • On-board Wi-Fi currently does not support WPA3.
  • When booting with eMMC, some models will have the power led off.
    We have found out the cause. A later bootloader update will fix this issue.