16G eMMC install

Hi there,

I’m trying to install an OS on my newly purchased eMMC card with Etcher, but all the images I’ve tested cannot be copied due to lack of space! Are 16G really too small for Ubuntu server?

The ubuntu server image is 2.3 GB, which is FAR less than 16 GB.
I suggest that you skip “etcher” and just use DD like normal people use.

dd if=gpt.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M status=progress

Thanks! That did the trick, except that eMMC is mmcblk1

That can only happen if you have multiple emmc devices on your system, which is unusual if you are doing this from a desktop or laptop. If there are multiple emmc devices, then the number that each is assigned is based on the order in which they are enumerated.