12V barrel to 12V USB-C power adapter?

Does anyone have any solution for getting 12V USB-C into a Radxa X2L from a PoE to 12V adapter? I have found such adapters but they terminate in 5.5x2.1 barrel connectors and I can’t find anything that can take a 12V barrel connector and deliver it as a 12V USB-C connector. I really wish there were an option to power the X2L using 12V directly on a barrel connector and not through USV-C connectors. There is just not much hardware out there other than straight mains-to-USB-C single power sources that can deliver 12V on a USB-C connector!

Otherwise, is there any solution from Radxa for PoE hardware to power the X2L???

You can use a USB C to DC adapter cable to convert the 5521 barrel to USB C.

I have tried three different models so far with no success. The ones on the market are designed to work in the opposite direction, to supply 12V DC to a barrel connector from a usb-c power supply.

Can Radxa either find and offer a connector that will work in the right direction, or provide a PoE option to power the X2L directly? My use case is to run a small cluster of X2Ls and PoE would simplify things immensely.

Here is a supplier of suitable cards that could be used as options. https://silvertel.com/images/shortforms/Selector_GuidePoE.pdf

I have similar issue, i want to power the board with 12v dc but without success. I used dc to to usb c adapter and also tried to just cut usb c (power only) cable and supplying 12v to cable. In both cases board trying to start up for 1 sec and shutdowns.
I think board is trying to negotiate with cable.
Is there any way to just power up the board with 12v without PD?
I use 12v 4a power supply.

The PD issue is known and we have fixed it for the next batch shipping X2L, You can also replace the resistors and capacitors on the board yourself if you have the ability and equipment to do so.

I ended up building an adapter by converting an automotive 12V to USB-C charger by wiring a barrel connector to it. This works well and I was able to buy a box of 10 of these chargers for $50 so not too expensive either. I’m glad to know the next batch will address this issue however!

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Can you provide information which capacitors and resistors i have to replace?

Nice idea, Thank you!
Just ordered few from Amazon.

Please refer the components Placement Map here: https://docs.radxa.com/en/x/x2l/hardware/hardware-info

300k 0201 R243
2.2UF 0201 C270