Wifi driver fro radxa zero 3w

I’m trying to build some custom build custom rootfs for radxa zero 3w board and I have issues with making wifi work. So can somebody answer several questions about this board and wifi module on it:

  1. How can I understand which wifi module installed on my board? It seems that there is at least two options: aic8800ds2 and ap6212 with different dtb.
  2. Am I right that correct driver for both of them is bcmdhd which source code are located here?
  3. It seems that I cannot find correct image in https://github.com/radxa-build/radxa-zero3/releases that will boot from SD card and will have wifi module working. b3 version boots but I there is no wlan devices after boot. b5 & b6 versions simply does not boots. I’ve didn’t tried to boot b4 version yet. Maybe someone knows the image version that 100% working with zero 3w version of board?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Here is how it was detected in U-Boot.
  2. brcmfmac for AP6212 and aic8800 for AIC.
  3. Please use Debian Desktop variant. The latest release b6 is tested to work.
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