Why this is not named as "Rock Pi 5"?

Why this is called “Rock 3”? Is there any reason that it is named as “Rock 3” instead of “Rock Pi 5”?
This name is a chaos.

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Because we decide to drop the “Pi” in the name. The name “Pi” becomes limited since we are expanding our product line to wider categories, not only sbc. You will know it in 2022.

ROCK Pi 4 - Out in 2018(Dual A72 + Quad A53)
ROCK 3 - Out in 2021(Quad A55)
ROCK 5 - Out in 2022(Quad A76 + Quad A55)


i don’t think the SOC of rock 5 will release in time :skull:

Oh. And when ROCK 5 is planned to be released? In Q1 2022? Or late in 2022?

This rocks! :slight_smile:
What format will it have?

I can not tell at the moment. Things will be unveiled after the RDC(Rockchip Developer Conference) 2021, which is on 16th, Dec.


Oh. When mentioned above, I thought there was a release plan now.