What is radxa Rock 5C?

I see stuff about “Rock 5C” appearing in various git repositorys, e.g. Rock 5C. What is it?

Looks like it’s going to be something similar to 5A, i.e. based on rk3588s (read: no PCIe3x4, no HDMI-in), maybe with something like built-in WiFi, like 5A was originally going to be (so you don’t have to choose between WiFi module and SSD HAT).
Maybe it’s something completely different though.

A 5C? I hope it’s gonna be square (RPi model A format). :>
I could use a smaller board without resorting to compute modules.

Most likely it’s not though.

Unveiled now, check announcement:

Looks like I was mostly correct lol. :slight_smile:

And what is RK3588S2 ??

RK3588S2 has one more MIPI-CSI compared to 3588S. So they are basically the same.


GPU Mali-G610 “MC4” ? Any notable difference there compared to “MP4”?

They are the same thing. The key word is four.

Likely more of a typo than anything, dunno what the difff is aprt from the MIPI