Strange Error Messages

The following messages were received but the board is idle, nothing is running.

Message from syslogd@linaro-alip at Jun 28 23:16:30 ...
kernel:[137081.562662] BUG: spinlock wrong CPU on CPU#1, dhd_dpc/163

Message from syslogd@linaro-alip at Jun 28 23:16:30 ...
kernel:[137081.563177]  lock: 0xffffffc0ed5180d8, .magic: dead4ead, .owner: dhd_dpc/163, 

.owner_cpu: 0

Does anyone know what the messages mean?

These are coming from the WiFi driver.

I have a thread on this one as well, check out:

tl;dr I first set up logrotation to minimize flash filling up, then I set up a wired ethernet and left wifi for a backup interface into the box. Terminal sessions, particularly running nano over putty with a lot of cursor movement seems to lead to clusters of these errors.

Dear Krell,

I don’t understand because my 4B has already been wired and left wifi connected. Besides, nothing was running and no other action was taken even putty was used.

Anyway, thanks a lot

Today I had exactly the same error and I am not using WIFI