[ SOLVED] MAC address of the ethernet card

I’m getting rather unusual MAC address assigned to the NIC:

Is this normal?

Can anybody confirm that he is getting a different MAC (more standard like e.g: d4:5d:2e:9f:82:36) on his Rock Pi X board?

Thank you

running Ubuntu…

My ethernet NIC has that same MAC as well. I pointed this out to Radxa earlier - it should be a problem with the evaluation boards only from what I understand?

@jack can probably confirm this.

Hello irqisequalto,

Maybe your MAC is randomized by the Network Manager?

Would you be so kind to perform a simple test:

a) burn following ISO on the USB stick using Win32DiskImager:

Size: 110M
MD5: a2d7490e49a271edc91fe13205763283

b) boot this stick on your Rock Pi X board

c) login to the system:
login: root
pass: toor

d) check the MAC address with following command:
ifconfig eth0

It would be great if you could provide the result.
SSH is enabled if you need it (wifi wont work in this ISO, only wired connection is supported).

If you get the same MAC address (00:00:00:00:00:03) then i would like to highlight this problem to the Radxa Team.

Thank you.

I will certainly give this a go later today after work.

had some issues with the iso being corrupt… trying again…

Please confirm that MD5 sum is correct before burning on the USB stick.
Also - please use Win32DiskImager oe ‘dd’ and not any other burning software.


ohhh that might have done it… ill try again.

The ethernet mac address is stored in the efuse of the rtl8111 chip. Maybe for some early samples we forgot to burn the mac address but the later and future ones, the mac address will be burnt before shipping.

It’s not burned in by Realtek?

works fine for me.

So it must be as Jack said - only early dev samples shipped with a blank MAC address.

Thank you for confirming.

No. Because for many customers, they want to use their own mac address range, such as some big brands, so that the device manufacturer can be detected with the mac address.

Hi, I just got a new board that has this same exact issue. When I boot, the MAC address is all 0’s and then a 3 at the end. Is there a way to fix this?

The mac address is stored in the eFuse of the RTL8111 chip during the manufacturing process. Can you send your ROCK Pi X S/N? We can check that.

Hi Jack, I dont see the S/N on the front or the back of the board - can you tell me where I can look?


You can check it on the side of the plastic package box.

Jack, I bought 5 of these, not sure which box the specific one came from, but here are the S/Ns:


How many of the 5 doesn’t have MAC address?

Just 1 board, the others are good.