S905Y2 Datasheet

Hi there,
Could someone point me to the datasheet? The quick reference document is interesting, but barely usable to use the full power of the board (DMA PWM, anyone ?).
I found the datasheet of the S905 but I guess there will be subtle differences with S905Y2, as usual.

We have one. See https://dl.radxa.com/zero/docs/hw/S905Y2%20Quick%20Reference%20Manual%20v0.7.pdf

Thank you for your answer.
I already read this document, but I’m more interested in the detailed one, describing for example the addresses of DMA channels and other stuff closer to the hardware bypassing the OS. For example I’d like to adapt this library https://github.com/metachris/RPIO to the Radxa Zero.
MRAA is nice, but isn’t fitted to my use. Ultimately, I’d like to recycle a Raspberry Pi daugther board which drives a set of ws281x leds and some other stuff.

Yeah, directly hardware register control is better. We are asking Amlogic for the TRM. I will update to you once we got it.

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We just got part of the S905Y2 datasheet includes the register description of I2C/UART etc:


Cool! Thanks a lot !

I was expecting to get full datasheet, Can you also get the part for SPI with DMA as well.