[ROM][Android9.0] Android TV firmware released


Pre-installed YouTube TV, You don’t need to install it form Google Play.


Please be clear - I’m talking about YouTube “TV” - NOT “YouTube” .

YouTube TV is a paid subscription Live TV service.


Please try this app for Youtube TV Live

It is for the Youtube TV service here.

For normal Youtube without ads try this version, it can be installed alongside the one from the Play Store.


This seems to be resolved now as Apps came down ok, I did turn of AUTO-UPDATES on google play as advised online so we will have to see what happens when this is turned back on.

Pre installed apps respond well

Love the Power button, so I use DOWNLOAD which takes me to the ROCKCHIP LOGO and then I power off, assume this is the correct option??

Did notice :

Google Play Store - when you click on Search it crashes the app and it closes.

Might be my remote but this did not happen on other distros but pressing the RIGHT ARROW to move right seems to jump fast and scroll a little.


Is there anyway to upgrade from nougat to this ?


Hi, Currently does not support OTA upgrades, You can use other TF cards or emmc module.


Thank you, We will fix Google Play crashes when click on Search.
Are you using a Bluetooth remote?


Thank you about Google play … must admit the performance is amazing on the PI 4 with 4GB … Games like Asphalt 8 run very smoooth …

“Might be my remote but this did not happen on other distros but pressing the RIGHT ARROW to move right seems to jump fast and scroll a little.”

Yes I am using a bluetooth remote/keyboard but using their usb dongle.

I also have an issue using a Bluetooth Gamepad when once a button is pressed it loops and keeps perforaming that action over and over … wonder if there is a conflict with the on board Bluetooth maybe ??


AUTO-UPDATES Is now back on and all is still working well with those auto updates being done successfully and other apps installing around them.


Hi, tested lastest, hdmi audio not working properly, only in youtube at super low volume, playing videos with integrated player no sound, the other video player dont work, cant install apk"s (tried disabling verification), playstore search broken, one of the blue usb dont works (tried changin otg/host), downloaded kodi from playstore and dont work too, tried playing mp3 dont work integrated app.
Would be great android 9 (no tv) image with magisk in, and all working properly, for me is enough, or a crome os is avalaible for others rk 3399, would be great too, crome os can execute android and linux apps, cya.