Rockchip-mali-midgard: OpenCL broken; please add earlier compilation (version) to repository and fix the current one

I have tried using OpenCL in both Jack the Ripper and Hashcat. For JtR, it is partially functional for a single test. Hashcat can not even perform tests. Neither JtR nor Hashcat can analyze certain formats.

For example, with WPA-PSK, JtR spits out an error. Hashcat simply hangs until interrupted.

From what I gather, the runtime/driver may have been fine up until the released version. Hence, I am requesting an earlier verision of both rockchip-mali-midgard and rockchip-mali-midgard-dev.

Regardless, OpenCL on the Rock Pi is not properly implemented – and Radxa should promptly fix the runtime/drivers.

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You can refer this page:

apt-get install rockchip-mali-midgard14Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package rockchip-mali-midgard14

Please, see OpenCL not functioning properly on MALI-T860
for further details.