Rock Pi N10 NVME not found by u-boot

I have a Rock Pi N10 that has an HP EX900 M.2 NVME drive, that is recognised by the OS (Fedora 34) but not by u-boot (2022.01), which is supposed to include NVME support.
This NVME drive is on the ‘recommended’ list for the Rock 4, but is not - as far as I can tell - mentioned in the N10 documentation.
Is there anything else I am missing, or is NVME boot just not supported at all on the N10?
Thank you.
Robert Gadsdon.

u-boot (2022.01), which is supposed to include NVME support

Which repo are you using and why you are sure NVMe is supported.

Fedora 34.
NVME support for N10 in u-boot was added here ( rockchip: rock-pi-n10: Enable PCI/NVME ):
Booting into u-boot, the ‘=> nvme list’ command does not show anything.