Rock Pi 4B boot from NVMe

You can refer the partitions table of the image here:

For SDcard,

dd if=/path/to/image of=/dev/sdx count=32768

You have a bootable sdcard with bootloader only now.

For USB3 device or NVME device,

dd if=/path/to/image of=/dev/sdx bs=4M

Write the whole image to USB3/NVME device.

Sorry if I’m being slow-witted here, but if I understand this: If I can copy the 5 partition images to my NVMe using the correct offsets then the RockPi will boot from NVMe and I no longer need to boot from a microSD? Thanks in advance for your understanding.

I have installed recalbox with your help, but recalbox is in sd card.
I don’t understand if must execute all 2 command dd or only second.
Sorry for my bad english.

No. You still need the uSD card for the bootloader, because if the bootloader in nvme, ROCK Pi 4 can not boot it.

That would be a great idea I was going to ask if anyone knew of any good quality fast low capacity Micro SD cards and is it possible to get them nowadays.
A small capacity EMMC module much better though and preferable to soldering on a flash rom for SPI boot.
I want one! :slight_smile: