Rock Pi 4 SE DSI display not working

Hello everyone,
I’d like to connect a Rock Pi 4 SE to an official Raspberry Pi 7inch display I have lying around.
I’ve read the hardware section, created a microSD card with Debian Bullseye (kernel 4.4, taken from, confirmed it works with an HDMI monitor and then edited /boot/hw_intfc.conf as explained.

Unfortunately, the display stays black and nothing happens. I can see the blue light blinking so I guess the kernel is loaded and the board works behind the scenes. What could I be doing wrong?

We just resolved the issue for the 4c+, maybe it’s a similar problem? Here’s the link:

I’m having an hard time finding out what the solution was in that case. Was it the latest Debian image or the configuration option?
I’m working on a 7inch Raspberry Pi display which uses an 1mm 15p ribbon connector already, so I don’t think an additional conversion cable is required.

Debian image. For the 4c+, files for the Raspberry Pi 7 inch display were missing from it.

Which files exactly?

Also, while looking for the Debian latest image here I realized support for the Rock 4 SE is not indicated (i.e. is not on the README and there is no dedicated image between the releases). Is it still a work in progress?

“raspberrypi-7-inch-lcd.dtbo” was missing. I believe it was replaced with something else, but the name should be similar to “rock-4c-plus-raspberrypi-7inch-touchscreen.dtbo” on the 4c+ image. I can’t quite remember the directory that it lives in, but it is somewhere in /boot/

Based off of the downloads page, it looks like the 4SE uses the Model 4B images:

Rock4/downloads - Radxa Wiki
However, based off of the Model Comparison Table, the 4SE uses the Model C+ Chipset:

Rockpi4/hardware/models - Radxa Wiki

Issue though with figuring out which image you should use is that the Model C+ has the right chipset, but 4 lane DSI and the Model B+ has the right DSI lanes (2 lanes), but the wrong chipset.

Actually, never mind, I found your images:

Release 20221129-0930 · radxa-build/rock-4se (

Here’s the android image:

Release Rock 4 SE · radxa/manifests (


I flashed the Rock 4 SE android image using bale etcher to my sd card, but the rock pi is doing nothing after inserting the sd an d try to boot?