ROCK 5B Debug Party Invitation

Nope since the ASM1184E PCIe switch is Gen2 hardware.

There’s no USB3 since @flyingRich’s card simply contains an old PCIe switch that turns Gen2 x4 into 4 x Gen2 x1 and provides these four downstream PCIe ports as USB receptacles (PCIe Gen2 signals and USB3 cables work well together since similar impedance or something like that).

I mean to check if there is 5V on USB receptacles. I think will not.
I hope he can measure that and tell us.

Of course there’s no 5V present on the USB-A receptacles since they’re not meant to be used with USB peripherals. Only purpose is connecting them to separate PBCs with a x1/x16 PCIe slot (mechanical x16, logical x1) and separate 12V power connectors to let discrete PCIe GPUs waste energy for revenue (so called ‘mining’).

Stuff like this:

Well, I don’t know much about this stuff. I thought that … Briefly thought in order to communicate via USB 5V is needed…

Do we have a status on this?